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>> welcome back, steve. fresh off the links in texas after an amazing golf tournament with the president george w. bush number 43, i will share some of the memories. >> ♪ memories >> it seems like yesterday. behind-the-scenes story and my golf score. >> i bet that's a big number. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> brian, i was so proud of you! >> why? >> because you hit it. you were on national television, you were with the president. and you hit it! the ball so well. i would have completely fell down. >> where did the ball go? that's the key. >> i don't care. he hit it. >> i only had four days to learn the game and my best two drives were in the pitch-black where the executive producer who runs everything, pays a lot of
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money. the checks barely clear but here's the deal, i hit these great shots but we want into an abyss. >> always better that way. >> when the light actually came up is when -- >> never fails. >> brian was down in texas on friday. he'll share the pictures and the memories in a couple of minutes. >> right now -- >> of all 18 holes. >> we have some headlines and it starts with some weather. >> it does. while you were sleeping, tropical storm hermine made landfall in texas. the storm came ashore last night in northeast mexico and is moving north packing winds of 65 miles per hour. it's churning up waters near galveston forcing beaches to close. forecasts say it could dump up to a foot of rain. a tropical storm warning remains in effect for parts of mexico and texas. the firefighters could not even save their own homes. a wildfire being fueled by 45-mile-per-hour winds burning four of their homes to the ground. this is northwest of boulder. dozens more homes were destroyed and hundreds more have been evacuat evacuated. >> it was windy. took off. came up and over the ridge. took out the house on top of the ridge. took out the house next to us
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and then ours was third to go. >> the area is very steep and rugged. it could take several days to get that fire under control. illegal immigrants who cannot get into the u.s. by land coming by sea? authorities just arrested 20 mexicans at san clemente state beach in originange county, california. one woman broke her leg jumping from the boat. meanwhile, the daredevil known as skyscraper man is at it again. dan goodwin climbed up the 58-story millennium tower using suction cups. >> crazy. >> some residents even toasted his climb as they watched him through the windows of their luxury apartments? it's great entertainment really. he was arrested after he reached the top. he calls himself spider dan appropriately raising awareness of the vulnerability of skyscrapers to terror attacks. > >> thing is you get tired of waiting for the elevators with
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suction cups and then at the last minute will come down. >> meanwhile, president obama detailing his latest idea to jump-start the economy and create jobs with a $50 billion infrastructure spending free and tomorrow the president will push for new business tax breaks and a major economic speech. kelly wright live in d.c. with a little preview. >> hey, steve. good morning. welcome back from the labor day. the president was very busy on labor day. he realizing now that politics has entered into the fourth quarter of the midterm elections so he's getting out there talking about jobs. president barack obama visiting milwaukee to talk about the ailing economy. he wants to fix the economy. he's not pleased with the way it's going and vows he will spend every waking moment to get americans back to work. >> that's not how america was built. it wasn't built with a bunch of folks at the top doing well and everybody else scrambling. we didn't become the most prosperous country in the world just by rewarding greed and recklessness. >> the president there in
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campaign mode. he unveiled an infrastructure investment plan that he believes would jump-start the economy and put people to work. it provides an expansion of roadways, railways and runways and require a $50 billion initial investment in frontloading it to get it done but white house aides say those jobs would not start until sometime next year, 2011. republicans meantime are attacking the president's plan. let's take a look at congressman eric canter stated in releasing a statement, he went on to say blindly throwing darts at the board and hoping for a bull's eye is not economic leadership. there is a better way. our own mike hubbing lee says what the president's plan initially amounted to in the beginning was a mountain of debt with no lasting benefits and the americans are looking at the president hoping he'll come together with some sort of plan that has some clarity in moving forward. we'll hear what he has to say tomorrow when he talks to people in cleveland, ohio and there,
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he's expected to unveil a jobs plan. back to you. >> all right, kelly wright live in d.c. with the very latest. thank you, sir. >> the president was obviously talking about jobs yesterday in his speech and that's when he's talking about this $50 billion more so that it will create jobs immediately, he said, but there seems to be some discrepancy between what he's saying and what some of his administration officials are saying. let's listen to the president first. >> this will not only create jobs immediately, it's also going to make our economy hum over the long haul. it's a plan that history should attract bipartisan support. it's a plan that says even in the aftermath of the worst recession in our lifetimes, america can still shape our own destiny. we can still move this country forward. we can still leave our children something better. we can still leave them something that lasts. >> kind of got into campaign
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mode there but it was very clear at the beginning of that soundbite, he said this would create jobs immediately. when you hear create jobs immediately, that sounds like jobs are going to be created. well, pretty quickly, right? that is not the actual story according to a senior administration official who is on a conference call with reporters, is setting up what happened yesterday at the event in milwaukee, they made it very clear despite the fact the president said jobs immediately, this is going to be spread out over six years. there will be no jobs immediately. here's a quotation. we're not like trying to put out an idea today that in october 2010 is going to create a lot of jobs. this is not what this is. really? so yeah, what is the plan? $50 billion. he wants $50 billion more to put into high speed rail, high speed internet, runways and roads. he wants that immediately. now, even senator harry reid who
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has been spending the last 18 months jamming legislation that he and the president and nancy pelosi wanted down republicans' throats say listen, if you want this, we're going to need republican support and in turn, that is not -- you're not going to get it in a couple of weeks. if $50 billion is going to be spent, it won't be until next year. until after this. therefore, this is a plan that is out there leading up to november. but it's not going to be a plan that's implemented leading to november. mitch mcconnell goes on to say we're still looking for the shovel-ready jobs and that is the big letdown of the $861 billion. nothing was shovel ready. there were no shovels. >> the key is jobs, though. and this is probably to try to save some jobs for some democrats in congress. the president's got another two years on the clock but there are a whole bunch of democrats who are absolutely terrified that they have followed this administration. yep, we'll pass health care, yes, we'll pass cap and trade but there's trouble. >> by the way, i mean, people are dubious about some of what
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the president said yesterday because the first stimulus which was designed, as you know, to create so many jobs, some of those jobs have not come to fruition. they may still come to fruition but it's been almost a year and, for instance, "the new york post" has a great article today about the ferry terminal that's been rehabbed on staten island. it promised 4,000 jobs. 74 of them have been met. 74 out of 4,000. so they may still happen over the next year but it hasn't happened yet. to say you're going to create jobs immediately, people are skeptical. >> i would think that the president could be just as mad as those people in new york city who should get those jobs. to me, he should feel as though he's let down by the people. he gave the money to the states and the programs and the municipalities to spend it and grow it and they're not doing it. be mad at them. don't get mad at republicans for not signing on it. i think it's misplaced anger and angst. >> i'll tell you what, a majority of independent voters -- he didn't call it a stimulus. that's clearly what it is.
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it's like the $787 billion. look at the bottom right-hand number. 73% of independents, those are the people who put you in the white house, they oppose a second stimulus. 73%. >> the whole speech included my favorite story about the car in the ditch. we get it every day now. >> ditch, ditch, ditch. >> fantastic. but here is the president in milwaukee yesterday making it clear who the enemy is. listen. i knew it would take time to reverse the damage of a decades worth of policies that saw too few people being able to climb into the middle class. when it comes to just about everything we've done, to strengthen our middle class, to rebuild our economy, almost every republican in congress says no. >> when we passed the bill earlier this summer to help states save jobs, the jobs of hundreds of thousands of
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teachers and nurses and police officers and firefighters that were about to be laid off, they said no. the bottom line is this, these guys, they just don't want to give up. on that economic philosophy that they've been peddling for most of the last decade. you know what? that philosophy didn't work out so well for middle class families all across america. it didn't work out so well for our country. all it did was rack up record deficits and result in the worst economic crisis since the great depression. it would be one thing, milwaukee, if republicans in washington had some new ideas. if they had said, you know what? we really screwed up. and we learned from our mistakes. we're gonna do things differently this time. that's not what they're doing. these are the folks whose policies help devastate our middle class. they drove our economy into a ditch. >> there you go. we finished big with your
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favorite. the ditch. >> yeah, one of the keys back. i don't know why there's no more -- there's no republicans willing to work with the president. he seems like he's trying to get elected again. he's so angry and someone has to check his speeches and say you got to start writing speeches that are presidential, not so partisan unless, of course. >> it was the campaign mode again because it is campaign time again. it's the midterm elections that are coming up. >> it's their election not his election. >> the president was so good in his campaign, he relies going back to his strengths of campaigning. >> speak of presidents, brian kilmeade friday in the dark of the morning was there with the president of the united states. tell us where you are and what you were doing. >> major dan rooney created patriot golf day, they put $1 towards the troops. it's only 3 years old and it's through the roof and 4 years old in popularity. so this year, the president said, you can count on me as chairman. not only that, i'm gonna golf and about a week ago, i got word
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that i could go golf with him. only problem is i don't golf. so the word got back, you have a week. for four days with the esteemed help of a fabulous golfer, at least he tells me, we went down through -- with incredible instructors. i got a short game, a long game. i got my swing analyzed. calloway actually made me clubs and i had a chance to go golf with the president for 18 holes with major dan rooney who created it. staff sergeant heath calhoun who lost both his legs in 2004, courtesy of an i.e.d. great guy who is now a paraolympic skier and jim remey, president of pga. the president has been golfing since he was 18. for 18 holes, it was surreal. thus and followed by the secret service, golfed on the beautiful ridgewood golf course in waco, texas. >> brian, what i loved is you didn't embarrass us, number one. i thought you were going to. but you don't know how to golf and you did so well on that
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first shot. let's show everybody how well you did. >> mr. president any advice before i go? >> yeah, take a deep breath. may want to take those wires off. yeah, i can't. whole television thing. thank goodness the camera did not follow the ball. >> it doesn't matter. you looked so professional doing it. >> thank you very much. and i did say he is ath is an unbelievable golfer who has no legs and all upper body. he put on a show. major dan shot 65, nobody else kept score but the stories and everything like that was pretty special. >> they raised a lot of money for a good cause. >> no problem. the president can't wait to talk
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about his book. he'll be coming through here. >> meanwhile, is there a big bias in president obama's $50 billion plan to rebuild our infrastructure. stuart varney is here next, saying the money is going straight to the unions. what? right back. vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nritious foods. clint hickman: go to to learn more.
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>> we were just telling you about the president has a big idea to spend $50 billion. another $50 bill job to revamp america's infrastructure. he says it's going to create jobs but stuart varney says it is a payoff to the unions. >> it's a stimulus plan. they don't want to call it a stimulus plan but it is a stimulus plan for the unions. ok? the president essentially is scrambling. all the polls say that he's very unpopular where the economy is concerned. i think we have a new fox news poll out. >> let's take a look. >> 47% say that the economy has gotten worse under president obama. it was only 36% who said that in january. so you got a big swing against
6:18 am
the president on economic policy. so this pressure -- do something. so he gets out there in milwaukee. he's in full campaign mode. he's taking money from the wicked energy companies, giving it in a stimulus plan to the unions. it is all about the unions. just take a look at how he came across yesterday. >> whenever times have seemed at their worst, americans have been at their best. that's when we roll up our sleeves. that's when we remember we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people. that's the spirit that started the labor movement. the idea that alone, we may be weak. divided, we may fall. but we are united, we are strong. that's why they call them unions. that's why we call this the yew united states of america. >> that's why? >> that was a campaign speech and it was all about unions. >> right. and also in the past just writing this down, he says we
6:19 am
have come together but he demonizes bond holders, health insurance profits, the rich that make too much. he says we've not been successful when the few make money. it never trickles down. he seems to be dividing in his statement. >> i would agree with that. there's nothing new in terms of policy here. you had stimulus plan number one, a great big one, 18 months ago. now you got stimulus plan number two. it's all about government spending. it hasn't worked. it's alienated individuals. you had a poll earlier, 73% oppose this. >> and the first stimulus really bailed out the teachers unions. >> essentially it did. >> in a grand way and now this, the construction unions. >> varney & company starts at 9:20. please be there on time on the fox business network. >> thank you very much. >> an iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning is reportedly being tortured for a newspaper
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>> some quick headlines on this tuesday that feels like a monday. dozens protested all through the night on the streets of los angeles. this after police shot and killed a guatemalan immigrant in the streets. officers are defending the shooting saying the man was drunk and threatening strangers. when they approached, he tried to take their gun. 33 trapped miners in chile are starting to act a little bizarre on the weird side. a member of the rescue operation says they were demanding wine, cigarettes and even epinadas, a pastry. they rejected a board game because it had spelling errors.
6:24 am
oh, boy. >> thanks, dave. the woman sentenced to die by stoning in iran for adultery faces 99 lashes for a newspaper's mistake. a london newspaper published a photo that they claim to have seen her not wearing her head scarf. the paper says they misidentified the woman but the vatican may also be getting involved in this case. a journalist specializing in iran joins us from los angeles. good morning, lisa. >> good morning to you. >> ok, so she reportedly got 99 lashes over this mistake. explain. >> the details of the case just do not add up. hypothetically speaking, let's just say she was photographed without her head scarf. the -- according to islamic law, the punishment for that is not 99 lashes. it does not add up. the newspaper has said they apologize, it wasn't even her picture. so obviously it doesn't add up,
6:25 am
the punishment, again, doesn't fit the crime. we have to start asking questions, what's the motivation of the government and for one thing, we know they've tried to impose as much pain and suffering on her and her family. just last week, we had a mock execution where they told her and her family separately that they -- she would be executed by morning. she would be hanged by morning so the extent that she went and wrote a will, she said good-bye to her cell mates and she was told it was all a joke. and you know, we know that this regime has used this story to set an example for the iranian people to say don't go out there. don't create an international campaign, you know, don't try to get advocates around the globe because the backlash will be against the people of iran. deterring the media to cover any human rights violation cases in iran. international media will think twice and consider the content they publish especially when the repercussions are against the people. >> in terms of international attention, the case is garnering much and the vatican is now
6:26 am
involved and is taking up her cause. let me read to you a statement from the vatican. they say the vatican is following the case with attention and interest. when he's asked to intervene in an appropriate way with humanitarian issues, it does so not in a public way but through their own diplomatic channels. will those channels help in iran? >> italy has strong economic times with iran particularly in the energy sector. we have to -- again, it's so contradictory. iran is saying why don't you bring attention to this case? their hard line antics is bringing more attention to the case. right now, if you take a look, all eyes are on sakinah's case, we have france, utley, brazil offering her asylum. we have the whole international community really focusing on her case. so we have to really watch the other hand. what's iran doing here by putting the attention on this case? are they maybe furthering their nuclear agenda? are they buying more time? are they evading authority once again? so it just doesn't really add up.
6:27 am
the vatican, obviously are anti-capital punishment and will try to advocate for her as they have for so many other cases where execution was involved. >> lisa, thank you so much for the update. obviously, we will keep an eye on this story. thank you. meanwhile, coming up, the majority of americans are against more stimulus spending. can the president call it a long-term investment instead of stimulus? hear what folks across the country think in our own radio rumble! and contestants of simon cowell's "x factor" snapped. angelina jolie heading to pakistan. why she thinks she can help a country with ties to terrorists fortunate . happy birthday to gloria gainor. she turns 61 today. robin ] my name is robin. and i was a pack-a-day smoker for 25 years. i do remember sitting down with my boys,
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>> shot of the morning. here it is. in norway, a brave seagull takes on an eagle in a battle for seafood. eagle was looking to swoop down to grab a fish when suddenly he realizing he has some competition. eagle would end up flying away. seagull goes on to bother
6:32 am
somebody. >> i feel like -- >> mother goose. >> yes, i do. in the end, the eagle did get a fish as you can see from the spot shadow right there. >> oh, yeah. >> so that is one eveningagle w nice big breakfast. >> when i was on vacation, we were in bar harbor and did some kayaking and over there on rocky point, american eagle sitting there. my wife thought it had to be fake. couldn't possibly be real. or anmiotronics. >> we thought the eagle was going to be extinct. we don't talk about the good news. plenty of eagles. why don't we bring that up? bring up good news. good news, plenty of eagles. >> and you just did. >> welcome back to the good news show. thanks for joining us. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. fox news alert. live pictures coming out of chicago right now where a terrible fire is tearing through a two-story office building. this is just south of the loop on south michigan avenue. the roof is already collapsed and this building could continue
6:33 am
burning for hours at this early hour, though, it appears no one was in the office building. it is, of course, 5:32 in chicago right now. >> another horrible fire to tell you about. this one at a race track in west virginia leaving 27 horses dead. this happened at the stables at charlestown races. 27 horses were saved when the owners rushed into the flames. the stables were full after a big race over the holiday weekend. no word of what caused this fire. >> all right, joran van der sloot admitting he took money from the family of natalee holloway. he said van der sloot told her family he'd reveal the location of her body and then he took the money and flew over to latin america without revealing where the body -- where her body actually was. van der sloot is accused of murdering a young peruvian woman and that's why he's in prison wearing that vest. >> meanwhile, the death toll from mudslides in guatemala has climbed to 45. a lot of people still missing. torrential rains saturated the
6:34 am
ground and weakened the hillsides there. have been at least 15 landslides at different spots along the interamerican highway in the last two days. at least 50 people are believed to be buried in one location. >> angelina jolie arrived in pakistan this morning to help victims of those devastating floods that killed more than 1600 people, left millions homeless. jolie and brad pitt have already donated over $100,000 of their own money to the cause. she serves as good will ambassador to the agency. >> let's see what happened on "the x factor". right after insulting a judge, one contestant is punched in the face by her singing partner. oh! >> risque. >> oh. >> oh, my -- >> oh, my gosh.
6:35 am
>> ok. right before the audition, the girl said they were best friends. cowell told them they had the worst attitude of any contestants on any of his shows. >> and of course, despite the fact that there was fisticuffs, great publicity for simon's show. >> good luck. they look like sisters, by the way. huge game in college football last night. number 3 boise state taking on number 10 virginia tech. a lot of people don't believe that boise state belongs that high. let's see. fourth quarter, over a minute left. broncos down 4. heisman hopeful, 13-yard strike. boise state holds on to win. so maybe they do belong there. and good news for quarterback matt leinart, he's not dating again. he was fired and hired over the weekend. he's agreed to a one year deal with the houston texans after being cut by the arizona cardinals. he'll serve as a backup and that will be good for him to have a job. he was supposed to be a superstar but he likes to go out
6:36 am
a lot. tennis where denmark's player has cleared a giant hurdle. i apologize to the family over in denmark. they love us here and i apologize to all danes and dames. top seeded -- the top seed defeats former champion sharapova. >> maria. >> thank you. 6-3, 6-4, one of the most eagerly awaited matches in the tournament. she was given the top spot because serena williams withdrew due to an injury. i'll toss over to steve for weather because he asked me to. >> thank you very much, brian. ok, while you were sleeping, tropical storm hermine made -- >> hermine. >> hermine made landfall in texas. i wanted to say hermine like the harry potter thing. that's incorrect. storm came ashore in northeastern mexico and moving to the north packing 65-mile-per-hour winds. it is churning up waters near galveston forcing beaches to close. forecasts say it could dump up
6:37 am
to a foot of rain. tropical storm warning remains in effect for parts of mexico and north to port connor, texas. we should point out that it looks as if the heavy rains are going to move from texas right up into much of the state throughout the day and then on into oklahoma. these are pictures from galveston which has seen many a bad storm in its day. over to you for the radio rumble! >> all right. >> let's go a few rounds. yet another costly government proposal for a much needed economic jump-start. the president laid out some lofty goals with the $50 billion plan to rebuild our country's roads, railways, and runways. >> a new plan for rebuilding and modernizing america's roads and rails and runways for the long term. i want america to have the best infrastructure in the world. we used to have the best infrastructure in the world. we can have it again.
6:38 am
>> this is a plan that will be fully paid for. it will not add to the deficit over time. >> eventually, he says, so is this just another economic stimulus in disguise? joining us to discuss it and yell about it, first off to you, howy, let's begin. are we ready to embrace $50 billion to get faster trains, better runways and roads? >> i thought that's what the first one was about and it went for $800 billion and they seemed to have spent all the money on signs. i don't think this is a winner. by the way, where was senator russ feingold involved in a tight political race for re-election. i think he was m.i.a. yesterday with the president. >> he's a liberal senator from wisconsin who couldn't find his way to the president's speech. mark davis, what do you sympathy? at least he's doing something. doesn't america want a commander in chief in charge? >> i love this. this is something you get every once and a while. at least he's doing something.
6:39 am
people said that about obama care. at least he's doing something. memo to the white house. stop doing something. stop doing these things. the more they do, the worst thi things get. this has become a pathetic theater of the absurd. it's 100% political. it's like your addicted brother who says just give me $20,000 more and i promise i'll spend is it right. does anybody believe because you've got some infrastructure spending, maybe some tax cut bones thrown to business, that his taxing and spending heart has changed? i don't believe it for a minute. >> mark, over the weekend, paul krugman said hey, even when f.d.r. had his stimulus program going, 60% of the country said stop spending, franklin delano roosevelt and at the end they were happy. >> they were happy because franklin roosevelt didn't stop spending. he increased spending until we had a debt more than the national g.d.p. and came roaring out of the great depression and came to the great era of the 1950's. exactly what we need to do right
6:40 am
now. who could be against road rails and runways and jobs, oh, right, conservatives. they want the economy -- >> i'm not against those things. we're not against those things at all. we're against them being funneled through washington. roads should be built by the states of which the roads exist. >> you want roads built by your local government? is that what you want? >> yeah. >> hold it, guys. i want to get -- howie, i want to get you in here. didn't the states get a whole bunch of money to spend from the federal government? couldn't they use that money to make some new roads? >> yes, they could. i'm here in massachusetts. they spent some of the money on $25,000 solar garbage cans. $25,000 a piece. i noticed yesterday he said he wants to spend $810 million on high speed rail from milwaukee to madison. does anybody think anybody is going to take that train any more than anyone takes any of these other high speed rail projects? it's just up to the unions. they're going to get the high prevailing wages under davis
6:41 am
bacon and going to try to -- try to minimize his losses in november. it's ridiculous. and he talks about the republicans sipping -- sipping on slurpees. who has been taking -- had more pictures taken this summer in the recovery summer so-called than him slurping ice cream everywhere he goes. maine, massachusetts, new orleans. everywhere. >> and mark and mark, just weigh in on this before we have to let you go. do you think it's the right tone to spend about 20 minutes of your speech calling out the other party since you already have the job for at least two more years. >> that's ok. there's nothing really the matter with that. i mean, this is the sound of free speech. it's the sound of hardball politics. lord knows, i want republicans out there giving it to the democrats on the ideas that they think are wrong. so for democrats to do the same for republicans is ok. but do you have content on your side? do you have history on your side? do you have results on your side? the president is getting out there without boxing gloves. i mean, obama care failed. stimulus failed. let him get as aggressive as he wants. it will amount to virtually
6:42 am
nothing. >> it's far too little if you ask me. this is far -- you talk about content? americans have a choice in navy and they don't know what the republicans stand for and the republicans want it that way. let's tick them off. cutting social security, cutting medicare, ending the mortgage interest deduction which americans love and use every time raising taxes on the middle class when americans see that the republicans just want warmed over bush proposals vs. obama, they'll come back to the democratic side. >> that's not accurate, is it? >> it is. john boehner said so! >> yeah. listen, we're almost here at the end, brian, and you know what? i'm still waiting for someone to explain to me what he was talking about when he said people in washington are calling him a dog. retreating -- >> that was a weird statement. >> what does he mean by that? >> we'll examine that in the next 2 1/2 hours of our show. i'm glad you got up early for us. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> great radio rumble. straight ahead, it's an all out assault on the tea party. new campaign to label them racists. but connect the dots and you'll
6:43 am
see ties to big name democrats. judge napolitano is here and back from vacation in italian. the waters were so rough, a chopper crew was called in. the amazing rescue from the air next. they were running out of gas. first, the quote of the day. who said it? vo: what is the good egg project? vo: it's america's egg farmers who feed millions in need... vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nritious foods. clint hickman: go to
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call for details. the switch begins at >> 46 minutes past the hour. time for some quick headlines. just four days from the ninth anniversary of 9/11, city officials have formally cleared the way for the development of new office towers at the world trade center site. the national memorial is also on schedule to open next year. and a teenager clings to a rock
6:47 am
after getting swept away by river currents in southern california. a local search and rescue team were able to get him out by air, as you can see there. whew! >> hang on. meanwhile, left leaning media organizations operations joining forces to form a web site dedicated to search out racism if it exists in the tea party movement and some of the groups sponsoring the site like think progress and media matters for america appear to have one common denominator. joining us right now is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> all right. so these organizations that are going to start monitoring the tea party activities for racism, what's the common denominator. >> the common denominator is george soros' money. he can spend his money however he wants. they'll send around people to every tea party gathering and
6:48 am
find some odd ball and find some crackpot and get that person to say something, post it on the internet and try to get it on television and suggest this is what the tea parties are like. you know i have been to many, many of these gatherings. >> you have. >> and many of them i have spoken at all of them i have walked through the crowds. the crowds are enormous. you can find an oddball in any crowd of that magnitude. >> sure. >> think about it. five years ago, the tea party did not exist as a national movement. >> that's right. >> three yaeears ago, the big government progresses and both parties laugh at it. now, glenn beck assembles the largest political gathering in the past 40 years. suddenly, the left is worried. >> and i think that's the key. they are worried. >> and two months from a midterm election. >> sure. what they're trying to do is trying to get a little gotcha moment but you've been -- i was just at a democratic convention and i saw weird stuff going on. i mean, the anarchists were there much there was a lot of crazy stuff there. they're just looking for one thing to, you know, tag them with.
6:49 am
like let's -- look at that one guy, clearly they're -- >> they'll find the one or two odd balls, the public will not fall for their argument which is this is a fair sampling of everybody that's there. you know what's a fair samples of everybody that's there? middle america saying the government has gone too far and it's exceeded the constitutional confines. >> interesting stuff. all right, we'll be watching for that. judge napolitano, thank you very much. >> good to be with you. >> you can see judge napolitano's program "freedom watch" on the fox business network. it is a terrific show. saturdays and sundays. as you can see right there. meanwhile, our next guest says christians and muslims will never get along. she shares the reasons from other own seven year study and then what will former vice president al gore say when he hears this? a school is being named in his honor. that's good. the bad news -- it's on potentially poisonous ground. whoops. jaguar platinum coverage is not just a warranty.
6:50 am
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6:53 am
>> the clash between christianity and islam seems as old as time. our next guest spent seven years exploring various places in africa and asia where the conflict plays out daily. >> the author of the "new york times" bestseller "the 10th parallel" joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i read a lot of your material. you grew up in a religious family. >> i sure did. >> you decided you want to look at islam and christianity. they on to be at loggerheads and they have been for a long time and your assessment is they'll be at loggerheads forever. >> absolutely. there are definitely elements within christianity and islam that will -- that will be at loggerheads forever. in terms of looking at the way they look at absolute truth with one another. what i found, you know, what i wanted to do is go where the
6:54 am
clash of civil sglalizations is actually happening. that's what i did. seven year journey. i would go and come back and analyze things and learn the history that i needed to keep going. >> you went to asia, to africa, to the middle east. what was the most surprising thing that you discovered? >> the most surprising thing i discovered, that it's really not the clash between religions that we need to pay attention to. it's the clash within. it's the question between christians and muslims, who is going to have the right to speak for god between whether it's in africa, we see, you know, the majority, 99% of muslims in north africa have a pretty liberal way of practicing their faith but we are seeing sunni hard-liners coming in and challenging that. on the christian side, it's the question between, let's say, pentecostals are more traditional believers about who speaks for god, who is going to control them.
6:55 am
>> don't you think there's a big difference between the ways christians are handling it. we're not killing each other. can you say the same thing on the muslim side? >> i hate to say when we look at what's going on in some of africa and asia, you do see violence between christians themselves. so it really depends. you know, we forget the figure that 4/5 of the muslims live outside of the middle east. 4 out of 5 of the one billion muslims are not arabs. >> what is the 10th parallel? >> good question. the 10th parallel is the line of latitude, 10 degrees north of the equator. i remember lat is slat. so we have exactly -- between the equator and the line of latitude, 700 miles to the north for reasons of wind and weather and centuries of human migration, christianity and islam largely meet across africa and asia. so what i did is go to the places. i mean the trade winds drives a lot of that and so actually the weather here determines america's hurricane seasons.
6:56 am
>> interesting. >> yeah. >> that's what i was doing. >> yeah, it's fascinating book. and great ideas and it took seven years to write. >> sure did. >> very nicely done. it's called the 10th parallel. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right. >> coming up, they jumped into this intense fire to save a stranger's life. those three sheriff's deputies will tell you their story right here on "fox & friends" in just one -- i'm sorry, next hour. >> all right. great. first, they put labels like terrorists coddling and muslim next to the pictures of the president. now "newsweek" magazine says americans are overreacting to the september 11th attacks. how can the troubled magazine's writers explain this? >> first, the answer to the quo of the day. david hasselhoff is the answer. and the winner, heather from watertown, new york. here's a myth: you get nothing for driving safely.
6:57 am
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>> good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, september 7th. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. president obama seems stuck on spending. insisting it's the only way to save the economy. listen. >> this will not only create jobs immediately. it's also gonna make our economy hum over the long haul. >> senior administration official tells a different story. who's right? >> the united states overreacting to 9/11. how many times have you said that to a loved one? what exactly was "newsweek" saying in saying that. the article claiming that al-qaida was never really a deadly threat. we'll examine. >> no kidding. meanwhile, al gore is getting a school named after it. congratulations. for recognizing his environmental contribution but there's a tiny little catch. the school may be toxic. how the carson-gore academy of
7:01 am
environmental scientists could be poisoning its own students. is that possible? oh, boy. "fox & friends" for a tuesday that feels look a monday starts right now. >> good morning to you, alisyn. >> good morning to you, steve. good morning, brian. >> i knew you were going to come around this way. >> i was hoping. >> and brian, i have a way to make you feel kind of old. >> what? >> today is my youngest child sally doocy's first day senior year of high school. >> oh, my gosh. >> brian has known sally since she was 3 years old. >> right. and she was the rambunctious, extremely humorous young child. >> she still is. >> now she's going to her senior year in high school. you've known her longer, is that correct? >> i have known her. >> there were pictures of knowing her before you met her. yet, i feel old. why do i have to feel old? >> i know. so we -- >> congratulations. >> we know a lot of kids are
7:02 am
starting school today. have a great year. >> you know what that means for seniors, start cutting classes. let's be honest, no one ever goes. meanwhile, let's get right to your news. a lot of headlines on this fox news alert because the wind driven wildfire near boulder, colorado, is forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes this morning. firefighters could not even save their own property. burning four of their homes to the ground. dozens more homes were also destroyed. >> it was windy. came up and over the ridge. took out the house on top of the ridge. took out a little house next to us and ours was third to go. >> the area is very steep and rugged. it could take several days to get the fire under control. afghan commander david petraeus is warning a florida church not to burn copies of the koran on september 11th. such a move could outrage muslims and put u.s. troops in more danger in afghanistan.
7:03 am
the pastor is not backing down. >> somehow, we have to return to our roots. america has always been a country of courage, fighting for freedom around the world. and that some -- this is the time to stand up and say to radical islam that we will not bow to their threats. >> well, hundreds of afghans have been protesting the decision both outside the church and in kabul. meanwhile, illegal immigrants who can't get into the u.s. by land, are they coming by sea? authorities have just arrested 20 mexicans at san clemente state beach in orange county, california. they tried to enter the u.s. by boat at 3:00 a.m. this morning. one woman broke her leg jumping from the boat. steven slater, the former jet blue flight attendant is due in a new york city courtroom today. slater is charged with reckless endangerment and trespassing after last month's meltdown aboard a jet blue airways flight. that meltdown included insulting a passenger, grabbing some beers
7:04 am
and then a grand exit down the emergency slide. his lawyer still says an uncooperative passenger was to blame. >> did they ever find that passenger? >> not that i know. >> i don't think they were looking for him. they were happy to see him slide right away judging from his track record. >> president obama detailing his latest idea to jump-start the economy and create jobs. a $50 billion infrastructure spending spree and tomorrow, he'll push for new business tax credits in a major economic speech. well, he's got a big speech tomorrow, we better talk to kelly wright today with a preview. kelly? >> steve, good morning to you. hope you're doing well. the president is finding that a tough economy indeed is making it tough on him. his approval ratings are in a downward spiral. even some democrats are questioning his economic plan and republicans, well, they're mounting their attacks on the new plan to heal america's ailing economy. on monday, the president found some common ground with the friendlier crowd at the milwaukee labor fest. that's a gathering of organized
7:05 am
labor that helped him win the presidency. the president went back to his campaign style of speaking, peculiar very candid with the audience about the attacks he's received from his opponents. >> they talk about me like a dog. that's not in my prepared remarks but it's true. >> at least dogs have the good sense to bury their bone and save it for a rainy day rather than blowing $50 billion on a stimulus. >> mincing no words on greta van susteren on her assessment of the president's speech, a sign of the kind of criticism that seems to be mounting as the president vows to focus on turning the economy around. president unveiling an infrastructure investment plan that he believes will jump-start the economy. the program provides an expansion of roadways, railways and runways and have an upfront investment of $50 billion. some of them say those jobs won't start until sometime next
7:06 am
year. at the same time, the president appears to be keeping a political score between he and republicans. he chided them repeatedly claiming the g.o.p. continues to be a party of no rather than a party of yes, we can. >> if i said the sky was blue, they'd say no. if i said fish live in the sea, they'd say no. they just think it's better to score political points before an election than to solve problems. >> well, republican reaction to the president so far is that his economic plan is failing. in a statement following the president's speech, congressman eric cantor said blindly throwing darts at the board and hoping for a bull's eye is not economic leadership. there is a better way. president obama is back on the road again tomorrow. they'll give a speech tomorrow at cleveland, ohio, he's expected to unveil a jobs plan
7:07 am
and more breaks for business. back to you. >> you know, it's amazing, kelly, thank you very much. yesterday it was clear who the president thought the enemy was. that was the republicans. but even senator harry reid came out and said i have this $50 billion. want to go for junior stimulus or baby stimulus, whatever it is and harry reid says this time, we need republican support. it won't come -- we will not get this done before the year's end anyway but we have to make sure the republicans are on board. everything else from -- they want to also republicans to be responsible for it. they aren't showing signs of it. if you need republican support, is that the way to start? >> beating them up? punching them in the face? >> good question. obviously, the public appetite for stimulus and spending has changed since the first stimulus and people were uncomfortable with even then. it's changed and part of it is the jobs haven't come as quickly as the administration says that they would. and furthermore, $275 billion worth of the stimulus. that's 35% hasn't yet been spent so now the idea that there would be more spending on more of
7:08 am
whatever you want to call this next stimulus when these other funds haven't -- haven't been spent and jobs haven't been created. it's a tough sell so, of course, they want to make it bipartisan. >> let's call it son of stimulus even though the president doesn't call it stimulus at all. what's interesting is you -- i heard some people say look, they came to inject this immediately into the economy and get jobs created. not so fast. we want you to listen to what the president said yesterday at laborfest 2010 and then we're gonna tell you what one of his senior staff members told reporters on a conference call. first, here's the president. >> this will not only create jobs immediately. it's also going to make our economy hum over the long haul. it's a plan that history tells us can and should attract bipartisan support. >> ok, so what he said right there was it would create jobs immediately and we're all for that. not so fast, though. a member of his senior staff on
7:09 am
a conference call with reporters said "we're not like trying to put out an idea today that in october 2010, this is going to create a lot of jobs. this is not what this is." so it's not going to create a lot of jobs and, in fact, this $50 billion is going to be doled out over six years. so they say they're front loading it to get things going with highways and airports and stuff like that. six years! >> and furthermore, in this conference call, they also could not spell out just how many jobs. they didn't have any estimate, the senior administration official had no estimate on how many jobs this $50 billion would create and they said no jobs will be created until at least 2011. that's different than the message the president had. >> he's also going to propose on wednesday 100% of writeoff of new investments in equipment through 2011 so he's desperately trying to get business to react to his programs. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit at 9 minutes after the hour about what "newsweek" is focusing on now.
7:10 am
one point was a guest on our show after 9/11 and talked about how serious this threat is and how long we've been ignoring it now comes out and pens a column saying that we overreacted to 9/11. you want proof? have you seen any big attacks on the u.s. since? here's his quote. "can anyone doubt that al-qaida is simply not that deadly a threat? while it has inspired a few much smaller attacks by local jihadies, it has been unable to execute a single one itself and pretty much built on that premise." >> can anyone doubt that al-qaida is -- yes, i would say that every american could doubt that, particularly the victims' families of the 3,000 people who were killed by al-qaida. i believe what his point is that the way the u.s. overreacted was that they have spent so much money. he said that spending on intel gathering has increased by 250%. and he makes the point that though we have had all this bureaucratic increase to fight al-qaida, we still -- the intel
7:11 am
operative -- people who are in charge of it still miss major any dabb hasan warning signs and miss the christmas day bomber signs who was allowed to get on a plane. >> there's a new fox news poll out. it indicates, forget about what he says. look at this. 60% of you think the world is safer because of the war in iraq. what he's kind of saying is we shouldn't be spending this much money. he said demobilize. after every big war, the united states is always demobilized. there is no threat. let's demobilize. it sounds a lot of what the administration is saying in so much as you know what? we're spending too much on this. we need to spend it elsewhere. >> september 13th will be a big day, the opening of the carson-gore academy of environmental scientists. 675 students will be going into that brand new building. the vice president getting second billing once again. bad news doesn't end there.
7:12 am
>> yes. apparently, this school is built on toxic ground. toxic soil and in fact, they just spent this summer trying to excavate all the contaminated and toxic soil from underneath this school. they said they've taken out something like 3800, two 3800 square foot plots to try to get rid of it. >> 45 foot deep. >> they say it's the size of two four story buildings, i think they said. but in any event, they say now it's clean. and they're hoping that now it's clean. >> well -- >> but you can imagine the students are a little worried. >> yeah, the problem is the ground water is still contaminated and now they're afraid that the ground water under the clean dirt is going to get contaminated and all those kids could be in peril down the road. anyway, happy day. >> yeah. >> good news, you got a school. bad news is -- >> first one by the president to have a school named after him. >> clean it up by the 13th, please. new reports suggest that iran could be putting bounties on the
7:13 am
lives of u.s. troops in afghanistan. $1,000 for every american killed. are the current policies blamed for putting our soldiers in harm's way we ask? we'll report, you decide. >> they smashed the windows and jumped into a burning car to save a family's life. they'll join us live. form between teeth, in places you can't even see? aquafresh iso-active whitening is a breakthrough gel that transforms into an active foam. its active fluoride formula penetrates deep, surrounding and protecting the whole tooth against cavities -- front, back and in-between. for strong, healthy teeth for a lifetime, try triple protection iso-active whitening from aquafresh. amazing.
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7:16 am
>> a new report says iran may be putting a bounty on the heads of u.s. soldiers. yes, troops, allegedly paying the taliban $1,000 for every american they kill. joining me right now is robert buzz paterson who just wrote a brand new book called "conduct unbecoming, how barack obama is destroying the military and endangering our security." welcome back. this story in particular about iran and bounties, tell me how that plays into the premise of your book. >> well, actually, brian, good morning. as a matter of fact, you know, iran has been killing americans
7:17 am
since 1979 by proxy when they created hezbollah and started killing u.s. marines in lebanon and they were in the war in iraq and doing the same thing in afghanistan so they obviously are not an ally. they're not a friend and they've been trying to undermine the u.s. since 1979, quite frankly. >> but in this book, you think barack obama's policy of engagement is working against us. how? >> well, you can't appease evil, brian, quite frankly. you know, the fact that barack obama has extended an olive branch to the iranians in an attempt to kind of get them to agree to talk to us about their nuclear weapons is just -- it's foolish and i think we've seen this kind of thing play out before. you can't appease evil. i mean, going back to jimmy carter, bill clinton, it's the same playbook and it's not gonna work. we'll have americans killed by iranians and their proxies if we don't pay attention what's going on there and take them on, quite frankly militarily.
7:18 am
>> we know iran was an enemy of the taliban. they weren't getting along. we knew that iran wasn't actually singing from our hymn book before president obama took over. what makes you think it's worse now? >> i think it's worse now because obama is appeasing him. i saw the same thing when i was president bill clinton's military aide, you cannot talk to these folks. you have to deal with them. all they understand is strength through force. barack obama has missed the boat on this and many other things. he's not a commander in chief. he's a politician. he's a community organizer. he doesn't understand what it means to be a commander in chief to run the most potent and lethal military in the history of the world. >> you also say you talked to some of your friends and sources in this book, some of our soldiers go without bullets in their guns but the president is the one that upgraded the troop levels by 100,000.
7:19 am
>> he did that, after he did it for almost a year, brian. let's go back and remember that mcchrystal was his guy. he fired mcchrystal and now he's got petraeus in there. have all the faith and confidence and respect for general petraeus that a former military guy could possibly have. but he -- barack obama has to realize that we're at war. and it's not a couple guys hanging out in a cave in pakistan or afghanistan. this is a global ideological battle every bit as important as we faced the last entry with communism and fascism and i don't think, you know, barack obama is quick to -- he's quick to attack republicans, rush limbaugh, fox news. state of arizona but what he will not do is call the enemy what it is, radical islamic fundamentalism. >> the book is well researched and much more than just afghanistan. it's called "conduct unbecoming how barack obama is destroying the military and endangering our security." thanks so much. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. >> straight ahead, they dove into a fire to save a man's
7:20 am
life. the three deputies explain what's happening in those dangerous moments. that's next. new information about the developer of a mosque near ground zero. hear the new horror stories from his current tenants. doing t shi. man, it would be a lot easier if we didn't have to weigh 'em all. if thosboxes are under 70 lbs. you don't have to weigh em. with these priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in te country for a low flat rate. no weigh? nope. no way. yeah. no weigh? sure. no way! uh-uh. no way. yes way, no weigh. priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. [ woman ] chopping and peeling can be kinda relaxing at the end of the day. [ female announcer ] relaxing for who? try new market creations from lean cuisine. the new steam pouch locks in the fresh taste of crisp veggies, tender chicken, and al dente pasta, new market creations from lean cuisine. when pain keeps you , nothing is proven to help you fall asleep faster
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concierge claim centers. so i can just drop off my car and you'll take care of everything? yep, even the rental.
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7:24 am
that is the monthly cell phone bill for two houston kids who were texting and playing games on vacation in israel. their mom claims she didn't know about, you know, international roaming and stuff like that. verizon has agreed to reduce the bill to $4,000. ouch! >> all right. take a look at this amazing video. flames ripped through a car with the driver still stuck inside. within seconds, fearless deputies string into action risking their own lives to pull this driver to safety and they, of course, literally did save his life. those heroes joins us live. deputy chad phillips, jeremy battle and deputy battle, you join us this morning. you came upon this man trapped in this burning car at about 5:15 a.m. sunday morning, describe what you saw.
7:25 am
>> when i first arrived, there was intense flames coming from the engine compartment of the vehicle. at that time, i was not sure if anybody was still in the vehicle or if they got ejected. and as soon as i got out of the vehicle, i observed the driver was still in the vehicle. >> deputy cochran, you and deputy phillips arrived next. how did you get the driver out? >> i started to pull the driver out of the driver's side window. and was unsuccessful. so i went around to the passenger's side and busted out the passenger's side window with my baton and myself and the deputy phillips were able to pull him out of the passenger's side window. >> oh, my gosh. deputy phillips, i know that you guys are trained to do this. but it had to be nerve-racking to do this rescue while the car was on fire. >> yes, ma'am, it was inside
7:26 am
the vehicle and we just wanted to get him out. >> and deputy battle, while all this is going on, were you anxious? did you think the car was going to explode? what was it like to be in the car while the flames were so hot? >> the only thing i had time to think about was trying to get the flames knocked down and get the individual out before something did happen. i exhausted about five different fire extinguishers trying to get the fire knocked down. >> we see there that ultimately, the fire crew did arrive, the driver was 56-year-old -- a 56-year-old man. do you know how he is this morning? >> at this time, i just know he's at the medical center in chattanooga, tennessee. >> we know that he survived. and that he is expected to be ok as a result of everything that you guys did. deputy, what do you say when everybody says this morning that you guys are heroes?
7:27 am
>> we're all just glad we were able to get him out of the vehicle. >> well, we are, too. deputy battle, deputy cochran, deputy phillips, thanks so much for being here and for doing what you do every day. >> thank you. >> all right. well, she does not have legal citizenship. should she be eligible for in state tuition? we report, you decide. this one coming up. and stealing political signs is a crime. especially if they belong to your opponent. who knew baseball was such a dangerous sport to watch. yikes! it certainly can be if you're not paying attention. know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
7:28 am
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me! her. me! qualified lessees now get a low mileage lease on this malibu ls, a consumers digest best buy, for around $19a month. call for details. the switch begins at >> all right. here you go. apparently it's not just difficult to watch a dodgers game these days, of course, the owners are divorcing and breaking up the team. it's actually painful. check out batting practice. that young man was watching batting practice and not watching the batting cage and he got whacked in the head and the cameraman was trying to scream much to his credit, look out, there comes the ball! >> oh, my gosh. >> that's what happens. watch the guy at the plate. >> this is why i don't go to sporting events. >> this is not why you don't go
7:32 am
to sporting events. you don't watch sports. >> i don't watch them on television in case something like that happens to me. >> the problem with batting practice is there's so much going on. what do you look at? you look at the guy with the bat, he's been hitting 10,000 balls and the guy making $75 million right there 12 feet away. where do you look? >> i was trying to explain why that guy -- hard to keep your eye on the ball. >> that hurt! >> there's a dozen balls. >> wow. good reason for you to go to a sporting event. >> food. >> beverages. >> adult. >> right. >> and they're so affordable. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. more and more law enforcement agencies are using nonlethal weapons like gas grenades and stinger balls which must sting but these weapons aren't tested before hitting the streets. orlando salinas visited one place that's trying to change that. he joins us live from miami. is any of my introduction true, orlando? >> it's all true. see that guy getting hit in the head with the ball, my golly, that's a bad place to be. i learned a lot about this story
7:33 am
i learned that it's awfully dangerous to test any kind of weapon and i also learned that weri, the weapons and equipment research institute in fort myers, it's the only place, brian, in the entire country that tests all kinds of nonlethal weapons. take a look and listen. >> whoa! >> the weapons and equipment research institute in fort myers, florida, is the only private facility in america that tests exclusively nonlethal weapons used by law enforcement 6 the department of alcohol, tobacco and firearms issues licenses to make weapons. but no federal agency tests less than lethal weapons to make sure they work as advertised before police use them on the street. >> i could make weapons in my garage and sell them. if i have good marketing, people will buy them no matter how bad they are. >> weri pays full retail for all the products it tests.
7:34 am
much like "consumer reports" and is funded by and reports its findings to the national institute of justice. >> go ahead. >> reputable weapons manufacturers on their own test over and over. and say third party evaluations are a good idea. >> i think it's a valuable resource. it's a valuable service. ultimately, the responsibility is on the manufacturer. >> great story. if you're a guy, it was good to be out there. weri does not accept any freebies from any company, nothing whatsoever. neither does it allow any of its employees to invest in any weapons companies, period. weri has been around for five years and guys, they test almost every single day. great story. good stuff. >> just for guys, i like shooting. >> you do. yeah, i mean, guys and girls. >> she's armed right now. >> guys and gals, gotcha.
7:35 am
>> all right. >> you should see me with a bean bag. scary. >> cross a toss. you got all three once, didn't you? remember that? >> we got it! played it once. >> let's get right to your headlines. we have a horrible fire to tell you about at a race track in west virginia. 27 horses were killed here. this happened at the stables at charlestown races. 26 horses were rescued when they rushed into the flames. it was packed after a big weekend race at clarlztown. no word of what caused this fire. officials believe it was accidental. brian? >> i'll read now. some of the world's leading women are circulating a new petition calling on iran to spare the life of shakinah. they say they could stone her to death any moment now that ramadan is nearing an end. gloria steinman and madeleine albright are among those who sign the petition. earlier on, we were joined by
7:36 am
the iranian journalist who said the world is watching. >> all eyes are on her case. we have france, we have italy, we have the u.k. and we have brazil offering her asylum and the whole international community really focusing on her case. we have to watch the other hand. what's iran doing here by putting the attention on this case? are they maybe furthering their nuclear agenda? are they buying more time? >> so far, iran has ignored the western criticism over her case. >> now joran van der sloot admitting he took money from the family of natalee holloway. van der sloot telling holloway's family he would reveal the location of her body. he took the dough and flew to north america without revealing where the body was. the dutchman is a suspect of the disappearance of the young american teenager from five years ago and charged with killing a woman. >> a candidate in d.c.'s ward 5 city council election is taking out her competition, well, by
7:37 am
removing her opponent's campaign signs. >> uh-oh! >> surveillance video shows independent kathy henderson taking the democrat candidate's signs from outside of a diner. she says the owner of the diner told her she could remove them. >> we talked about the signs and he asked me to remove the signs and he said he initially put them up because he felt sorry for mr. thomas. >> politics has no place for that. here is a business owner that has supported me because he thinks i've done good work. >> the diner's owner says he never asked henderson to remove the signs. police reports have been filed against the candidates. >> sign gate. meanwhile, we've got some extreme weather to talk to you about tropical storm hermine, some pronounce it hermine, while you were sleeping it made landfall in texas after lashing northeastern mexico. right now, it's packing winds of 65 miles per hour. forecasters say it could dump up to a foot of rain in parts of texas. look at that surf. oh, boy. people as far north as kansas
7:38 am
could be feeling the effects of the storm later on this week. it is going to bring -- it's going to be a real weathermaker for folks in texas and oklahoma as well. >> all right, we're talking about the mosque at ground zero and it comes with 9/11 around the corner. the whole nation is talking about this especially with other places building morphinsques ar the country coming up. >> this developer has other buildings in new york. he has one in the washington heights neighborhood that apparently is just rife with different code violations, shoddy practices, they've been fined almost $25,000 in the past couple of years for safety and construction violations. people who live there have called it things like a roach motel, they say that there are bed bugs, all sorts of things. oh, including the code violations, falling mortar, unstable chimney. blocked exits and fire escapes and all of it falls on deaf ears and they haven't been able to
7:39 am
get any of it fix. >> of all the stories of the violations, apparently, in washington heights at this apartment building that he and soho properties own, there's a crack all six stories. if you're living in a brick building with a crack from the top to the bottom, you'll be a little worried. one guy who lives in that facility says every time it rains, he puts a pan on his bed and another pan in the middle of the living room because it's going to be a sieve. there's charges that this guy is a slumlord and a shoddy developer if this is the kind of guy he is, regarding his residential properties, what kind of developer would he be with the mosque? the imam also owns some property in new jersey. >> and they -- it's an absolute mess. these tenants are reaching out and screaming out for help. we heard some of their stories and people started showing up with spackle and paint. kevin is the one that sold the
7:40 am
building to him. he thought i came in higher for the imam. why did you sell it to them? it turns out kevin went and bought another building with this -- with this man after cutting the deal. so he cut a deal with him and then brought it for a lower price, sold this building to them and then went into business with him after. >> you got to hope there was some sort of understanding because they were able to buy the mosque building, the proposed mosque building for about $4 1/2 million. somebody else came in and offered $18 million. you have an offer $18 million, $4 million. which are you going to take? they took the $4 million bid. >> let's talk about a case that's garnered a lot of national television. that's of miriam torres. she is a senior in high school and actually just graduated and she wants to go to college. this is in atlanta, georgia. she, however, is an illegal
7:41 am
immigrant. she came here to the states when she was 9 years old with her parents, obviously. she -- it was not her choice to come here. she capitalized on her public school education. she was a 4.0 student. she was a star student, sterling record and now wants to go to college. she cannot afford to go to college. the question is should she be able to pay in-state tuition to go to georgia tech that would save her tens of thousands of dollars but she is still an illegal immigrant. >> well, there's -- and there's one state senator down there who said look, you know, fulton county schools paid $65,000 of taxpayer money to educate this girl as she went through the school system there. and it's unfair to the taxpayers to have paid the money because now she's out of high school and she can't get a job. >> she should not get in state tuition. her parents made the choice not to go the rest of the way and get her citizenship.
7:42 am
in the end, they probably thought it would work out. here's an idea. if you're not eligible for a tuition grant or any financial aid or any tuition breaks like they have in california and this state, go to a community school, work at the same time. at the same time, try to apply for citizenship and get that in-state tuition over the next two years. that's the way it's got to be. she was a great student. her parents let her down and now she's 18. >> ideally, that's the way it should work. it isn't just two years of citizenship, i have friends -- >> show me you tried it. >> it takes sometimes 10 years and sometimes 15 years. >> show me you're making the effort. what do you want me to do? i've been a good student. let me go. >> she might wind up getting to go to school with in-state tuition, though, because the dream act we've heard about on capitol hill has been floating around for years would allow about 700,000 americans just like her to wind up with some sort of citizenship or path to citizenship so they can go ahead and go to college.
7:43 am
>> you want to weigh in? or e-mail us. i never remember that and tell us what you think. i sense everybody will agree with me. >> on she should not be allowed in state tuition because she's in the country illegally. >> hear from you. our next guest, meanwhile, says there's only one way to fix the economy. put the clintons back in office and he's kicked off a campaign on hillary's behalf. >> is that why bill just hugged her? have you heard of this? near death experiences during surgery. coming up, a doctor will explain what happens to patients when they flat line on the operating table. a question that's baffled scientists for years. we'll solve it. >> really? >> yes. >> big show, then. [ lisa ] my nams lisa, and i smoked for 29 years.
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7:47 am
>> welcome back. according to a fox news opinion dynamics poll, look at this. a 12% of americans say that hillary clinton should run for president in 2012. but one dentist from chicago is already ahead of the curve by funding this campaign ad on behalf of hillary. let's make sure the president we should have will be on the ballot in 2012. that's the message of dentist bill dejohn who joins us live from chicago. good morning to you, doctor. >> hi, how are you? >> fine, thank you very much. >> why did you decide to have this ad getting hillary clinton to throw her hat into the race for president? >> well, because i feel that the country is on the wrong track and the clintons, the clinton administration created 22 million jobs whereas this administration has managed to lose 2.6 million jobs while spending $787 billion on the
7:48 am
stimulus package and the clintons are fiscally responsible. they've proven -- they've got a proven track record and i -- i mean, when i knocked on doors for her in 2008, i was telling people they've already been in the white house. why not get them back in there? >> you feel -- you feel, doctor, that barack obama and this administration with the democratic party and a lot of people out there have buyer's remorse. >> correct. exactly. >> you've taken out this ad in new orleans. i know you would like to run it in big markets like los angeles, new york, washington, d.c., stuff like that. are you trying to drum up money to run it elsewhere? or what? >> well, originally, what i was going to do is make awareness but i got contacted by someone who if you could go to, creating a web site to get more money to fund the commercials and continue to make aware -- you know, to -- >> here's -- ultimately, though,
7:49 am
here's the problem, doctor, and that is hillary has said emphatically she would not ever run for president again. so what -- >> that doesn't mean she won't. >> you don't think so? >> we're giving her incentive to run. we really -- i believe that this country doesn't have a future without her. >> ok. >> so, you know, and this president has taken six vacations in eight months. i don't like anybody in the current administration. pelosi, biden, reid, you know, i just -- i don't think they're well liked by the nation and i think there is a lot of buyer's remorse and i think the only thing that my commercial is saying is what everybody else is thinking. >> very good. joining us from chicago, we thank you very much and good luck with your plan to get hillary to throw her hat in. >> thank you very much. >> all right. >> what do you think? do you think that's a good idea? do you think she would even if she said she would not. the doctor who says he has scientific proof to explain that
7:50 am
near death experience that some patients claim when they have flat lined during surgery. but first, the number one song on this date back in 1975, by our old buddy glenn campbell, rhinestone cowboy. so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
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7:53 am
>> all right. are they tricks of the mind or can people really remain conscious long after life has left their body? doctors have debated the cause of near death experiences for years. but now, now, one says he's found scientific proof they do indeed exist. >> he is a world renowned cardiologist and the author of the new book "consciousness beyond life, the science of the near death experience." thanks for being here. >> you're welcome.
7:54 am
>> ok. you spent two years studying these near death experiences. i believe that you interviewed 344 cardiac arrest survivors. do they all describe that scenario that we've heard about of going towards the light, seeing a tunnel and then encountering relatives that have already passed on? >> of those 344 patient who's survived cardiac arrest which the study was done in 10 dutch hospitals, only 18% had memories of cardiac arrest and 82% did not. >> what can you tell us they experienced? >> well, they experienced like what we know from books as well. that once the pain is gone and they feel at ease and they're happy and they realize, am i dead? and then they can have a perception out and above the body. they see their own resuscitation from above and they see resuscitation where they can --
7:55 am
it can be corroborated as well. so these are aspects and then they come into a dark space where sometimes it's frightening for them. see a small point of light. and they are attracted to this light and describe it as a tunnel. and they can come in -- in another worldly dimension with beautiful colors, with music. they can meet deceased relatives. they can meet a being of light and in another dimension, they can have a life what will be with each one they've ever done in their lives. >> it was all there in front of them? their whole life was there? >> yes. then you have the cardiac arrest of two minutes they can talk for hours and days about it. in this dimension, there's no time, no space. the moment they think about something, they're there. >> doctor, i'm sorry to interrupt you. i want to get this in. how do you explain it? is that -- if 82% don't have it
7:56 am
and 18% do, what's happening with those 18% while they're dead? >> that's the reason we did the study because there have been recent studies done and so the discussion was lack of oxygen of the brain, is it cause of use of drugs, is it fear of death? what we found to our big surprise that 18% of those patients who had near death experiences were the same as those 82% who had not so the duration of cardiac arrest is they had two minutes or eight minutes duration of cardiac arrest or they had a spell of unconsciousness of five minutes or in coma for three weeks, didn't matter at all. >> right. and you got to get this book. if you're interested in life after death, which i think everyone is. thanks so much for doing this work. we appreciate it. >> called "the consciousness beyond life" and we recommend everybody read it.
7:57 am
thanks, doctor. all right. coming up, a big rally and a big excuse. president obama hit the road again and blames president bush. are americans getting sick of that same old line? >> then the governor of new jersey making national headlines. governor christie here live. miss dimitra, when will you marry me?
7:58 am
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>> megyn: good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, september 7, i'm alisyn in for gretchen. the president wants more spending, even though americans don't, but can he get republicans on his side with sweet nothings like this line? >> these are the folks whose policies helped devastate our middle class. they drove our economy into a ditch. and so with you got it out of the ditch and then they got the nerve to ask for the keys back. >> will americans let president obama keep the keys and democrats, even though he's just announced another $50 billion spending plan? >> peter: ditch, ditch, ditch. he's making national headlines for making tough decisions.
8:01 am
how governor chris christie is working to balance the budget. is it a lesson for other politicians in washington, d.c the governor is here live and we'll talk about the president's plan to spend nor $50 million. >> brian: steve will try to get some favors. fresh off the links in texas, i will share some of those behind the scenes stories because the president's photographer gave me some pictures. "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. great to be with you. >> peter: great to have you. >> did you a great labor day? >> i did. and great vacation. one word because i did wall in during the special on thursday night. shep special. we circumnavigated hurricane earl. we sailed up to canada and
8:02 am
maine. we missed it by about 500 miles on the way down. then we had to cross the water, 36-foot waves, waves higher than my house! >> oh, my gosh. >> was it like a perfect storm? >> peter: even though the waves were 36 feet, i had to make a t to the breakfast buffet. >> brian: what cruise line was that. >> peter: celebrity cruise. >> brian: they did a good job? >> peter: they did. it was fun. we were on the summit. >> meanwhile, we have headlines for you. we begin with a severe weather alert. tropical storm hermine is bringing heavy rain and strong wind to southern texas. flood and tornado watches are in effect for several counties. the storms crossed into the state earlier this morning after battering northeast mexico. it could dump up to a foot of rain in some parts of texas. folks as far north as kansas could feel the effects.
8:03 am
another alert. wild fire near boulder, colorado is forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes. firefighters cannot save their own property, burning four of their homes to the ground. dozens more houses were also destroyed. officials say it could take several days to get the fire under control because the fire is located in steep and rugged terrain. general petraeus is urging a florida church not to burn the koran on september 11 and says it could put troops in danger in afghanistan. so farther church in gainesville is refusing to back down. over the weekend, hundreds of afghan protested the church's decision. >> brian: president obama will propose his series of business tax breaks in a speech tomorrow as he tries to get the economy moving again. mike emmanuel, what can you tell us about the speech, because a lot is riding on it. he wants to change the tempo as we head into november. what are you hearing?
8:04 am
>> the latest poll is allowing businesses to write off essentially 100% of their new capital investments. the administration expects that will be a price tag of $200 billion. as you mentioned, the president tomorrow in cleveland expected to lay out a series of proposals that he would like to stimulate the economy. interesting politics here, we are inside of two months to midterm election, obviously tracks breaks -- tax breaks to stim lit base and investments is something republicans could favor, but this close to election, interesting to see how congress reacts to this proposal coming from the president. >> peter: this comes, mike, as mr. obama sold spending on infrastructure projects as the first step in talking about the economy. so have we moved from recovery summer into recovery fall? are we there yet? >> no question about that. it was milwaukee yesterday. he was in full campaign mode. you guys ran a sound bite at the
8:05 am
top and the president was talking about more infrastructure spending, at least $50 billion on the three ra, roads, railways and runways. here is the president making the pitch, saying it will create job. >> this will not only create jobs immediately, it's also going to make our economy hum over the long haul. it's plan that history tells us ask and should attract bipartisan support. >> that line caught my ear because earlier in the day, senior administration officials said that the infrastructure plan woo not create jobs until sometime next year. you heard the president say it will create jobs now. so you better believe that robert gibbs will get questions about that when he briefs reporters later today. >> thank you so much. mike was talking about that discrepancy again what the president said that the new $50 billion would create job immediately, even though the
8:06 am
previous stimulus had a year to do so and some jobs still have not come to fruition. but what is very curious is that on that conference call with reporters, the senior administration official who we can't name -- >> peter: we don't know. >> had a different story entirely. let's show you what this senior official said about the job creation. it's not like we're trying to put out an idea today. this is not what this is. >> peter: i just don't get this because the president was very clear yesterday at flavor fest 2010 in milwaukee. he said it would create jobs immediately. then you've got one of his people talking to reporters. this isn't going to create jobs immediately. which one is it? i'm a little confused. >> brian: right. you're not easy to confuse 'cause a lot of times i do this thing like this and you'll look back at me.
8:07 am
so the other thing is, i think that's interesting, the president may be perhaps is thinking if you pass this right now, it will help immediately. but in reality politically, there is no way it's going to pass right now 'cause you need republican support. they're not going to buy into it and i'd like to challenge mike a little bit by saying i'm not sure republicans would go along with this in any scenario because they fought against bush's $160 million request for stimulus. they were against tarp to begin with. this is over in the house and senator. they were for the tax breaks for sure. >> we should mention that the president had said this is not deficit spending. meaning this won't add to the deficit. the way he plans to spend this is through eliminating tax loopholes for oil and gas companies. so many people are uncomfortable with increasing the deficit. he said this is not why this is coming from. >> peter: keep in mind, whenever you take away a tax credit or something like that from a
8:08 am
driller, those drillers and oil conditions will pass an inadvertent tax on us and we will pay for it. >> brian: or lay off people to make their bottom line look better. the economists say in the speech on wednesday, he'll write out how we're going to have nearly $200 billion in tax cuts over the next two years for small business because he'll give 100% of tax writeoff to anybody who -- any business who will invest in research and development. >> peter: here is what a lot of people don't understand. he has -- he was elected almost two years ago. we're coming up on november. because it's the first day of school, i'm thinking we're in fall. but for him to -- and not only has he had the white house and for 19, 20 months, something like that, but also he's had both houses of congress. if you were going to get anything done, you can get it done with those cards in your hand and yet, we don't have the jobs. so is he saying, look, plan a
8:09 am
didn't work and i'm looking for plan b? no, he went to what is plan a right now which is beat up the republicans. listen to this. >> i knew it would take time to reverse the damage of a decade worth of policies that saw too few people being able to tie in to the middle class. when it comes to just about everything we've done to strengthen our middle class, to rebuild our economy, almost every republican in congress says no. when we passed a bill earlier this summer to help states save jobs, the jobs of hundreds of thousands of teachers and nurses and police officers and firefighters that were about to be laid off, they said no. the bottom line is this, these guys, they just don't want to give up on that economic philosophy that they've been peddling for most of the last decade. it would be one thing,
8:10 am
milwaukee, if republicans in washington had new ideas. their policies drove our economy into a ditch and then they got the nerve to ask for the keys back. >> brian: never again, never tire of that story every day. charles cook, a nonpartisan political analyst, says the democrats plans are hitting deaf ears because while the economy was struggling, they focused on health care. the american people are outraged and not giving him a second chance. on friday, steve, you were away. i had the incredible opportunity and forever thankful for it, had a request to golf with the president, president bush. you haven't seen him for 18 months 6789 he went over for the short tide to a golf club that he belongs to over in waco, texas. and we golfed for 18 hole force a great cause, the patriot golf day. dan rooney, a fighter pilot and pga golfer put it together all
8:11 am
to benefit the families of those slain and injured in war. >> brian, you're leaving out a major part of the story. you don't golf. so i thought this was going to go horribly wrong. >> brian: originally i said i'm not going. they said, you have to go. i didn't want to ruin it for the president. >> peter: he comes from a family of speed golfers. >> brian: right. he said as soon as you get to your ball, you hit it. i almost hit the president three times. and at the end of this, the secret service said to me, you were the greatest threat to the president today. twice he had to jump up and miss because i got on the greens faster than i thought. >> peter: tell me that you hit the ball into a ditch. >> brian: no, no. i spent a lot of time -- now i got it. i will say this, the conversation was fantastic. and the his photographer sent us these great shots. grant miller. he had a chance to us and that over there is the people we had to chance to -- >> peter: with all that pressure of not only playing next to the
8:12 am
president who is a good golfer, but also the eyes of the nation because it was on television, i wonder how -- do you wonder how brian's first shot went? the answer? on the videotape. >> brian: mr. president, any advice? >> yeah, take a deep breath. take those wires off. >> brian: i can't, it's the whole television thing. i think it went straight. i'm still looking for it. tom, michael and calloway gave me clubs. the president is excited about his book coming out. >> peter: you know who is coming up, chris christie, the governor of new jersey will be talking about what the president said yesterday out there in milwaukee.
8:13 am
he is live after the break. there he is right there. >> then a reality show contestant punches her best friend in the face on live television. we're going to tell you why.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> peter: yesterday the president delivered a rousing speech to union representatives in milwaukee in which he unveiled a plan to invest $50 billion in america's infrastructure. >> alone we may be weak, divided we may fall, but we are united. we are strong. that's why we call them unions. that's why we call this the united states of america. >> peter: unions are the reason we call them the united states of america? that's new. joining us with his reaction to the speech is the governor of new jersey, republican chris christie. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> peter: fine, thank you very much. what did you make of the president yesterday in front of labor fest 2010 saying okay,
8:17 am
another $50 billion is on the way, guys? >> i wish that we, if you're going to do that $50 billion in infrastructure, you would have done it in the first $787 billion and not now to add more debt on top of the debt he's already accumulated. as i first -- i think we're seeing the failure of that original plan. >> peter: do you think it was interesting, though, that you got the president saying, this will create jobs immediately and then one of his senior advisors is on the phone with reporters saying, you know, this is not going to create jobs immediately. in fact, the first jobs won't be created until next year. this is going to take six years. it will roll out over six years. >> yeah. i think this is the kind of thing that has been failed before for the first 19 months or so of this administration. i think they have to have a clear cogent message for the american people. i could say when i talk to business people in new jersey, the thing they're most concerned about is the uncertainty. they never know what is going to come out of washington and how it's going to add to the cost of them doing business. so you have businesses who are
8:18 am
small and large sitting on a lot of money that they could put into hiring people, but they don't know what the real cost between health care and tax increases that look like they're on the horizon from this president and others. they say, i don't know how much it's going to cost me, so i'm going to sit back and wait. we have people unemployed for that reason. >> peter: it seems like this white house needs a plan b. but they keep going back to plan a. this is son of stimulus, whatever you want to call this. we had stuart varney on a couple hours ago and he said that this latest $50 billion is simply a payoff to the unions. >> that's why i think what we've done in new jersey makes a lot more sense. you're talking to people like adults. they understand we're broke. they understand we can't print moneyy in new jersey and shouldn't be prettyth printing more in the us to us do these things because we're in a huge hole and that's why we're pursuing an agenda to keep costs down and people can have an
8:19 am
affordable life in new jersey. >> peter: i know some suggested you would make a great president if you were in that chair today, what would you do immediately? >> i wouldn't be in that chair. >> peter: theoretically. >> no, no. see, this is what happens. you get me going down this road and -- >> peter: give him a hand. you are doing very well in new jersey. he needs help. >> i think he -- you have to talk to people like adults. i saw yesterday on the boardwalk on the jersey shore with my family and i can't say how many people came up were disspirited and out of confidence don't feel like tomorrow will be better than yesterday. i think you have to talk directly to people and say i know we have huge problem, let's work together to dig out. >> peter: when you say talk to somebody like an adult, does that mean blame the republican, saying that they drove us in the ditch and they want the keys again? >> it means take responsibility. it means be accountable and it means telling the truth about the fact that there is no longer a free lunch. >> peter: we are going to
8:20 am
continue the conversation with governor chris christie after a break. and then the state of the art subway system is that cost $154 million. one problem. the turnstiles, the things you walk through, they don't work. that's straight ahead.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> brian: chicago firefighters will likely spend most of today putting out this massive building fire over in south michigan avenue. the flames have already caused the roof to collapse. no word on what caused the fire. luckily no one was inside. the next transformers movie is in a coma after she was injured. she's 24 years old, she was driving a car through the set when a cable nabbed, whipping her -- whipping through her windshield and hitting her in
8:24 am
the head. we'll follow that. back to the couch. >> peter: we're back with new jersey governor chris christie and ali is with us right now. jersey native. >> right. >> alisyn: yeah. great to meet you. we all watched that debauchle a couple weeks ago, so disappointing when new jersey was cut out of possible funds because of a clerical error on some sort of education proposal by your education commission. you pretty quickly fired him after that typo was revealed. some people are saying that the president should take more decisive action like that and fire some of his economic team. this john boehner came out and said tim geithner and larry summers should be fired because of some mistakes that they've made or things that haven't gone well. do you think the president should start clearing house? >> one thing i know for sure now being a governor and making these decision, there is a lot that goes into them. i'm not gog tell the president what to do.
8:25 am
his job is to assess whether he thinks he's getting the right kind of advice. if he thinks he is, he should stick with the right people. if not, make a change. i can't tell from 300 miles away. >> peter: in the beginning, it looked like it was simply a clerical error where out of a 1,000 page document, one page was left out and apparently he said, look, i presented this to them orally two weeks ago and you said, doesn't anybody down in washington have is a phone? couldn't they call me? it turns out, what happened? >> listen, there obviously was a situation where there was videotape that showed that we didn't give that information orally on camera to the department of education. and as a result, i made a decision to make a change. but what it doesn't do is change my commitment to education reform in new jersey, which has to move forward. we have nearly 50% dropout rate in the city of newark where we're spending over $24,000 per
8:26 am
pupil on education. it's an obscenity. taxpayers deserve better. those kids and their families deserve better. so i have great administration for brett on his education reform issues and the way he articulates them, but when there is a trust break down between people, you need to move on. >> alisyn: now that you missed out on the $400 million in grant money, what will you do? education is obviously in trouble across the country. what's the answer? >> the answer is you have to reform the system and make it less expensive and get better results. we were going to go ahead with these reform measures whether we got the money from the federal government or not. we're going to continue to push forward. later this month we'll be laying out our reform package that will mirror what we laid out in the application. >> peter: we know in the last couple months there has been clips of you taking on the teachers union where you wanted them to kick in a portion of i think their pension which is they had not done -- >> health benefits. >> peter: which they have not done and take a one year pay freeze. did they ever go along with
8:27 am
that? >> only 30 of the teachers locals out of about 580 took a pay freeze and said they all wanted to take their increases. >> peter: don't they get it? everybody is sucking it up. >> the teachers union doesn't get it. we've seen that over and over again. what we need to do now is move towards our 2% property tax. we passed that this past june. what it will cause is going to cause everybody to clamp down on expenses. so the folks who have union contracts up to negotiate, they got to work within that 2% cap. >> alisyn: i missed your interview with steve, are you going to run for president? >> no. absolutely not. no interest, no chance. absolutely not. no wiggle room. no. >> alisyn: all right. you heard him. mixed message from the governor. >> once again on the fence. >> alisyn: great to meet you. >> great to meet you, too. >> peter: straight ahead, new estimates say republicans are
8:28 am
pulling further ahead in several races for the house and the senate. will it be bigger than their victory in 1994? new predictions coming up straight ahead. >> alisyn: did the judges go too far? what made best friends snap on stage? >> peter: ex friend factor. not ready to let go of summer just yet either is superstar sandra lee. she's showing us how to throw one more party aluau in 30 minutes or less. aloha, sandy.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
>> labor day, the department of labor launch add new web site to help unemployed americans. president obama said the web site is amazing and he can't wait to check it out in a couple of years. [ laughter ] >> alisyn: i think it sounds funny with that accent. >> brian: he does his monolog, he wings it. it's different. >> peter: i think he makes it appear he's winging it. i'm sure they've got like 50 writers that are all working on stuff around the clock. they're writing stuff right now. >> alisyn: our writers would like me to get to headlines. less than two months 'til midterm elections and political analysts say it's not looking good for the democrats.
8:33 am
in fact, some analysts claim the numbers they are looking at now are worse than what they saw going into the 1994 midterms when democrats lost control of congress. now more, worse than 1994? explain. >> a recent poll shows republicans nationally have the biggest lead that poll has ever recorded, ten points. in 1994, republicans picked up 54 seats and won control of the house. if republicans take 39 seats from democrats this november, they'll control the house. some predictions show republicans picking up just that many seats this election. others show even more gains for republicans. for democrat, the problem in 1994 as it is now, the economy. in october of 1994, the unemployment rate edged down, but still 5.8%. the latest reading shows a similar picture. the unemployment rate is slightly better than a few months ago, but painfully high at 9.6%.
8:34 am
democrats argued the economy would be much worse without their proposals, like that $800 billion plus stimulus package. and they say they're still repairing the damage left over by the previous administration. republicans say democrats have spent all this money and the economy is still floundering. the bottom line for this election, the economy is bad and history shows that means bad news for the party in power. back to you guys. >> alisyn: thanks so much. >> peter: interesting. >> brian: 26 minutes before the top of the hour. mccrystal will teach his first class on leadership at yale. he's a senior fellow at the jackson institute. he resigned from the military in june after an article in rolling stone exposed negative comments he made about officials in the obama administration. steve? >> peter: you're looking at live pictures from paris where french union workers are staging a nationwide strike. the strike comes as parliament begins debating the president's
8:35 am
pension reform. sound familiar? reforms would raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. they think that might actually keep the nation afloat a bit longer. >> brian: i am your answerly in a jolie correspondent. she's arriving in pakistan this morning. she's there to help victims of those devastating floods that killed more than 1600 people, left millions homeless. she and her mate, brad pitt v donated over $100,000 of their own money for the cause. check out what happened on this latest episode of "x factor." >> peter: right after insulting a judge, a contestant is punched in the face by her singing partner! >> brian: now? >> peter: she's thinking about it. hold on. right before the audition, the girls said they were best friends. simon told them they had the worst attitude of any contestants on any of his shows.
8:36 am
x friend factor. brian kilmeade wreaking afghanistan on the golf course in texas. check out brian's wayward tee shot on the first hole. now we know where it went. watch. [ laughter ] >> brian: wait a second! i did not know any of this! are we sure that's the same shot? >> peter: the atmosphere. >> brian: no one ever told me that. good job following that story. you are a true journalist. geraldo rivera, wake up. you've got somebody on your tail. >> peter: brian could go on to fire 68 on the front nine. >> is that right? >> brian: that's very bad. and that was very wrong. >> peter: i would probably do about the same.
8:37 am
meanwhile, we are tracking tropical storm hermine. while you were sleeping, she made landfall in texas after lashing northeast mexico. packing winds of 65 miles an hour. there you can see the path of the storm. by thursday, 7:00 o'clock, it will be in missouri valley. it will bring a whole bunch of rain to texas for some folks -- some focuser wind up with a foot of rain. oklahoma, a bunch. kansas could feel the effects later this week. earlier, judge napolitano was on the program and said that the glenn beck rally was the largest political rally. you know what? there were a couple of other biggies, like the pro choice march for women's lives in 2004, nearly 1 million gathered for that. we wanted to clarify. >> brian: ali should take the bow on that one. >> peter: aloha. >> alisyn: summer is drawing to a close. i'm heart broken. but there is one time to get up with more party is and our next
8:38 am
guest says luaus are one of the most party themes in america. sandra lee is here. she's editor and chief of semi home made passions and best selling author. aloha to you. >> hello. thank you for my sheet. >> look how cute you are. you wear it well. >> this is a very, very busy summer for me. i partnered with a new product and we co-hosted 6,000 parties this summer. and a hawaiian aloha party is the number one party in the united states. so the first thing you do is you need a lai, a grass skirt, a mow hee toe. >> alisyn: thank you. >> when your guests come, you want them to smell like a tropical island. that's why i chose the aloha. this is hawaiian aloha fragrance. you don't have to plug it in. lasts 30 days. for the food, you want something that can either be a finger food
8:39 am
or it can be a dinner that's easy to go on the grill. you're going to make this marinade. this is just pork tenderloin. very easy and inexpensive. have your butcher cut it in cubes. you'll put in soy sauce. >> alisyn: you get a big bag here and put in soy sauce. quarter cup? >> yeah. which is chile sauce. you know where to get that in the grocery store? >> alisyn: the chile sauce aisle. >> like where they sell the ketchup. there is a whole aisle. and then that is going to be sesame ginger marinade. that's by lawry's. a quarter cup of sherry. now, we're going to use pork, so you know. you're good. look at you. you're going to whisk that together with a fork. here is the deal, we're going to use pork, but you could use shrimp. if you use pork, you got to marinade it for two hours or
8:40 am
overnight. if you are using shrimp, because there is so much acid in this and the acid is good, it breaks down the meat, you only need 20 minutes. you could do scallops, anything you like. you could do beef. but this is pork tenderloin. that's all you do. >> alisyn: two hours. then what happens? >> can they hear you? >> alisyn: yeah, they told me to put it down. >> so you do this for two hours and it goes into the refrigerator. two hours later, this goes in the refrigerator in a bowl. otherwise you have a mess. >> alisyn: okay. >> it protects your fridge from having to clean, which i can see you don't like to do. then you're going to build your skewer. you put a pineapple chunk on here, you can buy them in the store. a green pepper. you could use red or yellow, but the greens are more savory, which will offset the pineapple
8:41 am
sweetness. we're using the rest of the pineapple on our cake. then you have your pork right there. >> alisyn: then you pop this on the grill? >> put this on the grill. you can do it on the broiler or baste it with your sauce. you can reduce it down and use it as dipping. you have to cook the marinade if you use it twice because you want to make sure it's safe and healthy. >> alisyn: sure. so we will be sampling these. i'm sure in the after the show show. thank you for coming on to help us. >> thank you. more ideas in the new issue of my magazine for halloween. >> alisyn: let's go over and tell you what's coming up. let's go to the guys. >> peter: aloha. thank you, ladies. >> brian: it's a state of the art subway system that cost taxpayers $154 million. got one problem. the turnstiles don't work. >> peter: there is the beef. then jessica watson is here to talk about her 24,000-mile
8:42 am
journey. she sailed across the globe and around it on her own. she is 16 years old. right back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> peter: illegal aliens getting to the united states by sea. authorities just arrested 20 mexicans at san clement it is e straight beach in california. they tried to enter the u.s. by boat, 3:00 o'clock in the morning. one woman broke her leg jumping from the boat. meanwhile, the former jetblue flight attendant due in court today. slater is charged with wreckless endangerment and trespassing after a hissy fit and a meltdown on a jetblue fight that included apparently insulting a passenger, grab ago beer, and then a grand exit down the
8:46 am
emergency slide and eventually into the arms of the police. >> brian: the los angeles transportation authority had a bright idea to go high-tech for a mere $154 million, they switched their turnstiles to an tropic card system. sounds good. right? one problem. they can't even use them yet. now they're collecting dust. how do the millions of taxpayer dollars get so easily wasted, especially on a state that's broke? joining us now, kimberly richards, she's a public and legislative affairs director for southern california transit advocates. kimberly, going electronic, going high particular seems good. what went wrong? >> the problem is kind of 180-degrees from the way you describe it, brian. metro had been integrating this
8:47 am
electronic system and has been working on this for several years. the problem is, not all the fair media had been migrate to do this system before they decided to add the turnstiles. for example, right now on the subway here in l.a., the metro red and purple line, the ticket vending machines issue a paper ticket which does not have a chip in it. >> brian: okay. so they don't work? >> they don't work because you can not engage them in full -- you have to tap to get through it. if any of the fair media doesn't have a chip in it. >> brian: all right. so having said that, we've identified the problem, at least you have. why haven't they fixed it? >> they can't fix it until everything is on the electronic fair media card. as an example, for the last two years, they've been trying to migrate the senior citizens discounted fair -- their
8:48 am
discounted pass over to the electronic card. after two years, only about 70% of the seniors are on that system. they've migrated the college and vocational pass to the electronic card. the elementary and high school pass isn't there. >> brian: let's factor this in. very few people take it. los angeles loves their cards. when i was out there, they were just building this and no one was even in it. so they wasted this money. let's listen to what the mta says in answer to your -- the facts of this case. since the gates are one aspect of the program, recent survey found 72% of our customers prefer the tap cards over paper tickets and around the world. virtually every major property has locking gates. this is not a revolutionary concept. we are the exception to the rule. it's not the gates that is the problem. >> you're absolutely right. they can't work as long as everything isn't always already on the tap card.
8:49 am
>> brian: got you. leading up to this, the honor system, you would walk through, if you didn't use your ticket, you didn't buy a ticket, you would get fined $250. now they're going to a tap system that doesn't work. unbelievable. thanks for sharing the story. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, we finish up this show with this story. she battled 30-foot waves and flipped her boat six times. yet 16-year-old jessica watson is here to tell her story. how she sailed across the globe at the age of 16. first let's check in with bill hem who are is 17. >> and you're 16 1/2. how are you doing, my friend? good morning to you. brit hume sizes up congress. he's live on our show today. meg whitman wants to be governor in california and will make her case live in studio here in new york. a church in florida wants to burn the koran on 9-11. you'll hear from the pastor and why general petraeus says this is a very bad idea for american troops. see new ten minutes on america's news room. it's a busy tuesday post-labor
8:50 am
day. we'll see you then.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> alisyn: on may 15, jessica watson returned from a solo sailing trip that circled the globe and at age 16, she became the youngest person ever to make the journey without any stops and without any help. jessica joins us now to tell us about her amazing journey, which is chronicled in her new book "true spirit" and a recent documentary of the same name. welcome. >> good morning. >> alisyn: you sailed around the globe with no chase boat. there was nobody following you. you were solo for seven months. >> yeah. nonstop and unassisted. seven months. >> peter: where were your parents? >> back home. everyone thinks i'm crazy.
8:54 am
we had done absolutely everything we could to make it as safe as possible. >> peter: but you are 16 years old. you are a young lady out in the middle of the atlantic ocean, indian ocean, pacific ocean. >> it seems crazy. >> peter: it seems crazy. >> it's a big, scary and dangerous thing to be doing. for those people who didn't understand the preparation and my experience, it must have sounded ridiculous. but to those people who took the time to find out, we never had anything but support from those who understood more about it. >> brian: so as the voyage unfolded and you felt like you were 100% prepared, what happened that you were not prepared for? >> basically when i was completely ready, the welcome home i got. that was definitely one part that was completely overwhelming. there were tough times out there. there were really tough times. but i think probably the one
8:55 am
thing i am proud of is the mental side of it. i had a lot more fun than i ever expected. >> alisyn: though you were alone. were you lonely or scared? >> kind of strange, i don't use the word lonely. i was homesick. i missed everyone from the moment i left. but i had my moments. it's different when you're out there by choice and you've got thousands of people thinking of you. friends and family waiting. >> peter: millions of people were thinking about the american girl, 16-year-old abbey sundayerland she had to be rescued. she was 2,000 miles out in the middle of the ocean. how would you communicate with your parents and your support team? >> i was really lucky, it comes at a price, but i was able to keep in touch with my family and team. >> alisyn: yet you suffered six knock downs where the mast was under water. >> yeah. turned upsite down. >> peter: you flipped the boat! >> i didn't flip it, the waves
8:56 am
flipped it. >> brian: at any moment in one of those six times, did you think i'm in trouble? >> we had one big storm. other times i was asleep. >> brian: you were asleep and you ended up in the water? >> no, no, inside the water. i was not on deck. i was exhausted throughout the storm, the next morning i went oh, my goodness that was big. >> peter: what a story you're telling in your new book "true spirit." the 16-year-old who sailed solo nonstop around the world. >> alisyn: great to meet you. >> peter: congratulations. >> brian: straight ahead, we'll come back with "fox & friends" and steve will say something insightful. >> peter: i'll have to google that.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> brian: say something insightful? >> peter: we've got a really big shoe

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